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  • If you have a question about playing the game, we suggest checking the How To Play section first, which tells you how to get set up and explains the rules of our league.
  • Yahoo provides a more detailed guide to the Yahoo Fantasy Baseball platform that we’re using in 2020.
  • Other fantasy managers might have the answer! There is a message board for each FBUK division in the Yahoo game, accessible under ‘League’ in the manager dashboard.
  • For questions or requests to do with your fantasy team roster (including incorrect/missing points) or MLB player statistics, position allocations, etc, please email us via the Contact Us page (bear in mind that the technical side of the Short Season 2020 game is in the hands of Yahoo not FBUK!)
  • We’ve posted answers to some of the other common questions below.


What do the games played and innings pitched limits mean?

Each line-up position (batters) has a maximum number of games for which it is eligible to score points over the course of the season. The limit is for the position not a particular individual player. If a position reaches its maximum games played (GP) limit before the season ends, it will no longer score points for your team going forward.

For Short Season 2020 the maximum games played limit is 67 per position (the length in days of the shortened season), i.e. equivalent to one player in the position being eligible to score points on each game day of the season. For the three outfield positions the limit is combined to 201.

If you don’t have a player in a position on a given day, or the player in the position does not play in a MLB game that day, it won’t deduct a game played from the limit.

Unlike the usual FBUK game, in Yahoo there is no Four Day Rest Rule limiting how quickly you can score points in a pitching spot after the previous pitching start in that spot. However, your team’s pitching staff is limited to 525 innings pitched (IP) across all starters and relievers over the season, which is Yahoo’s default limit for the shortened season. If it reaches that limit before the season ends, you will no longer score points in the pitching categories going forward. 

All managers are able to see the position limits in terms of games played (offence) and innings pitched in the league settings, plus at the bottom of the roster page it indicates how much of each limit has been used so far.


Why has the Relief Win scoring category been removed?

As Yahoo awards both a win and a relief win to relief pitchers (30pts), the relief win category has been removed in Short Season 2020. Relievers who pick up the win will be awarded 20 points.


What’s the difference between roster transaction deadlines and roster lineup deadlines?


Transactions means either completed trades, successful waiver claims or free agent pick-ups adding or removing players on your overall roster.

In Short Season 2020 there will be a weekly transaction deadline as used in the traditional FBUK game.

Lineup changes

Lineup changes are changes made within your roster (between active line-up and your bench). In Yahoo, these are sometimes referred to as ‘roster moves’, which can lead to confusion with ‘roster transactions’  above.

The idea is that lineup changes can be made on a daily basis and as long as the player is on your active line-up by the time their MLB game starts, their stats will count towards your points.

Update! It now seems the Yahoo deadline setting for both transactions and lineup changes is the same, so it’s been set to daily for both from Opening Day on 23 July.


How does the draft work?

Yahoo uses an initial online draft for managers to build their rosters. Managers take turns to pick a MLB player and a player can only appear on one fantasy team’s roster within each league. There is no team salary budget or player salary value.

We’ll let managers know the scheduled date, start time and format of the draft as well as the order in which managers will take their turns. Managers can choose to login to the whole draft and manually select a player in each round or, if you can only attend part of the draft, not at all, or you run out of ideas halfway through, the system will auto-draft for you at your turn so your team will still get a starting roster.


How do I set my pre-draft player rankings?

If planning some auto-drafting, you can pre-rank the importance of MLB players to you, to give you a better chance of drafting some of the players you want.

  1. In your Yahoo manager dashboard go to ‘Draft’ in the menu, then ‘Pre-Draft Rankings’ where you’ll see the default rankings
  2. Use the red or green arrows next to a player’s name to create a list of your Preferred Players and/or exclude those you do not want to draft
  3. In the Preferred Players list use the up and down arrows to change the priority ranking of those players
  4. Make sure to click the ‘Save Changes’ button as you go through it
  5. During the draft you can refer to your Preferred Players list as a quick guide to who you pick at your next turn (if they have not been drafted already by another manager)
  6. If you are auto-drafting, the system will try to draft from your Preferred Players list first. Once they have all been drafted (either to your roster or another manager’s) the system will revert to Yahoo’s default ranking list and pick the best-ranked of available players for the position in question on your roster 
  7. Your Preferred Players list can be as long or short as you like

Or just leave the whole draft in the hands of Yahoo’s built-in ranking system that will auto-draft the best-ranked available player for the given roster position at that turn.


Why is the normal game not running this season and why are some parts of the website not available?

Due to technical problems during 2019 we decided to take the 2020 season off in order to spend some time on fixing and hopefully bringing back the game at a later date. Read more about it here

As it turned out, the Coronavirus pandemic also happened and MLB was closed down for at least part of the season, so there has been no baseball with which to play a fantasy game anyway!

While we do maintenance on the website, some areas will be temporarily closed or unavailable for a while.


What can I do if I’m having problems with the new website?

We launched the new website in 2018 and continue to develop it. If you encounter a problem using it, please check the Forum (log in via the Manager Options menu) as we have a thread there where we’re tracking issues and providing updates. You can raise a new issue there or, failing that, let us know via the Contact Us page.


I really like the game! Is there a way I can help support it?

Why, yes! If you would like to support us with a donation, you can do so via the Support Us page. All the funds raised go back into running the game.