Looking for help?

  • If you have a question about playing the game, we suggest checking the How To Play section first, which tells you how to get set up and explains the rules.
  • For questions or requests to do with your fantasy team roster (including incorrect/missing points) or MLB player statistics, position allocations, etc, please post in the Forum where one of the site admins or a fellow team manager might be able to help. You can access the Forum from the Manager Options menu when logged in.
  • We’ve posted answers to some of the other common questions below.
  • If you still need help, you can email us via the Contact Us page.


I’ve forgotten my login details – what can I do?

If you remember (and have access to) the email address registered to your account, you can use the ‘Forgotten username/password’ link on the Login page to get a reminder sent to that email address.

If not, send us an email via the Contact Us page with your full name, date of birth and fantasy team name and we might be able to retrieve your account details.

If you are trying to reactivate an existing account at the start of the season to join the game and the above options don’t work, you can always create a new account with your new email address. We reset fantasy team names, rosters and start from scratch at the start of each season anyway so you would just start building your new fantasy team on your new account instead of your old one.


How do I purchase and set up extra teams?

You can create a free second team to play in one of our side games. Just go to the Home Page and click on the Second Team FREE! logo.

You can purchase exta teams to play in our main game or either of the side games for £4.99 each. We use PayPal’s secure system for collecting payments by credit or debit card. You can purchase additional teams at any time without re-registering. Just go to the Home Page and click on the Extra Teams logo.

Once you create the extra teams, they should be listed in the Team Details page in your Manager Options menu ready for you manage. If they don’t appear, please let us know in the Forum or via the Contact Us page as we might need to activate them manually.


When will a new MLB player be available to add to my roster?

The master roster of available MLB players is based on the MLB statistics source that we use. In terms of rookie players at the start of the season, the source feed sometimes doesn’t get fully up to date until final Opening Day rosters are set or a player’s first MLB game is under his belt.

Once a new player is credited with major league stats, they will be added to the list. Players are only added to the game at each revaluation. At that point, players with major league stats are added.


Why hasn’t the master roster been updated to reflect a player’s new position or MLB club?

Again, this is dependent on when the MLB statistics source that we use gets updated. In the case of position changes, this is usually reflected once a player’s first MLB game in their new position is recorded and the position change is ‘official’.


What happens if an MLB player switches position during the season?

If a player is redesignated during the season (e.g. a shortstop moves to become a first baseman), they will continue to be eligible to play at their old positions as well as their new position. This does not apply to players who go from being pitchers to position players or vice versa, or to pitchers who switch between starting and closing games.


Is there a quick way to see a player’s detailed stats?

Yes! On both the master roster page (Statistics) and your team roster, the names of the players link to the relevant player page on the official MLB statistics source site.


How do salary revaluations work?

Player salary values are calculated on the basis of the current season and the previous two in the major leagues (so rookies are always underpriced). All player salaries are revalued once a week to take into account their evolving performance as they go through the season. This happens at 6pm BST on Saturday.

Any trades that you have set up will take place automatically at 6pm BST on the Sunday. If you set up a trade prior to the revaluation and the salary of the new player goes down at the revaluation, you will get the player at the new salary. If the salary goes up at the revaluation, you will still get the player at the old, lower salary that was in place when you set up the trade.


Do I have to carry players on my bench?

No, you do not have to carry players on your bench, and you can release bench players as part of any trade. However, it’s arguable that it’s a good idea to have bench players. As players can be moved from the bench into the lineup at any time (not just on the Sunday trade deadline), cheap bench players are valuable as you can use them to replace players who get injured midweek.

Shortstops and centerfielders are particularly valuable on the bench as they are eligible to be moved to any infield or outfield position respectively.

What can I do if I’m having problems with the new website?

We launched the new website in 2018 and we know there’s some bits and pieces still to work on. If you encounter a problem using it, please check the Forum (log in via the Manager Options menu) as we have a thread there where we’re tracking issues and providing updates. You can raise a new issue there or, failing that, let us know via the Contact Us page.


I really like the game! Is there a way I can help support it?

Why, yes! If you would like to support us with a donation, you can do so via the Support Us page. All the funds raised go back into running the game.